Lemon law for “used cars” also?

old-carPurchasing an used car from an used car dealer is obviously tougher than buying new ones from a showroom. It appears that the law is the only recourse in dealing with dealers of used cars.

Very recently a Springfield, Massachusetts used car dealer was arrested due to several complaints of purchasers never actually receiving the vehicles they paid for, or in some cases never obtaining titles. The local news agency covering the case is also reminding viewers of the state’s lemon laws and encouraging anyone who thinks they have a case against this particular dealer to come forward.

Lemon law experts suggests, that to make sure of obtaining a written warranty with any used car purchased. The warranty is considered to be the first and foremost defense for the buyer.  A buyer should consider carefully before buying a vehicle without the valuable protections that warranties can provide. Most commonly, used vehicles are sold ‘as is’ or ‘with all faults.’ Such vehicles do not come with any warranties at all, either express or implied.

A warranty is not a guarantee that any problems will be addressed, however. Like new car dealers, used car dealers can be notorious for not actually fixing a problem despite several “attempts” and there are cases on record in which the dealer manages to drag the problem out until the warranty expires.

However, there are many cases in which lemon laws cover the sale of a used car. So if you feel you have purchased a lemon, it is best to contact a qualified lemon law attorney right away.

Source: Professional Free Press Release News Wire


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