Lemon Law: Know your rights car owners

Are you among those stuck with a lemon? For those who are clueless about the “lemon” need to know that a defective car is often referred a lemon.

There are a significant number of lemon owners with new cars, not even a year old showing defects.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has decided to rescue the victims of forgery. He is all set to provide a resource guide to educate the consumers on Lemon Law - Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act imposed to safeguard the rights of consumers.

The guide provides that anyone purchasing a new vehicle in Mississippi is entitled to the benefits of the Lemon Law. The guide is in the form of a FAQ, covering all questions pertaining to the law. Take a look at some of the important presumptions of the Lemon Law provided in the brochure:

1. The owner is entitled to replacement or refund of vehicle if there are manufacturing defects that can degrade the value safety or use of the vehicle even after several it several times or if the vehicle is out of service for more than 15 days.

2. The dealer has to make repairs till the manufacture’s warranty period exist

3.In case the vehicle is not repaired even after three attempts or repair or  dysfunctional for 15 days the manufacturer would be served the ultimate notice allowing last chance for repairing the problem

4. If the manufacturer doesn’t refer the vehicle to a facility, The consumer can demand refunds within 10 days.
The lemon law is tool specifically devised to protect consumer rights. In his efforts to make the information public, Hood received   help from William Lehman, president of the Automobile Dealers’ Association,  in distributing the brochures. The move has been welcomed by new car and truck dealers in the region.

Further, you can look for copies of the guide by calling 1-800-281-4418 or by going online to www.agjimhood.com and clicking on the “featured publications” link.


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