Lemon Law of Texas at a glance

lemon-carLemon Law Texas appears to be a well balanced law, it does not take unnecessary advantages of the manufacturer while helping out car owners from harassment.

What are the coverages?

1. Lemon Law Texas covers all vehicles, from motorbikes to mobile homes, as long as you purchased them new from the manufacturer.

2. Be careful, it does not covers second-hand, used or repossessed motor vehicles.

3. Manufacturer should immediately take a look of the newly purchased lemon (defective) car.

4. For minor problems, Lemon Law Texas gives the manufacturer four chances to repair the car.

5. For more critical problems, like those involving the brakes or steering, Lemon Law Texas will only grant the car manufacturer two opportunities to fix the damage.

6. All these repairs must be completed within a year from the original date of purchase, or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

7. When the manufacturer has tried to repair the defects and the time period has elapsed, the Lemon Law Texas allows the consumer to demand a refund.

8. For used cars Lemon Law Texas does grant a full refund, but it can be adjusted according to the owner’s car usage. Again be careful - all repairs must be done from an authorized service center, otherwise no refund.

9. Lemon Law Texas will not cover defects that came from the owner’s negligence or misuse of the vehicle. Lemon Law Texas will also not cover defects resulting from the owner’s alteration of certain parts of the vehicle.

10.Lemon Law Texas will give you refunds of all expenses incurred for repairs of the vehicle. It also ensures the repayment for any
towing services or rental car expenses that you had when the defective car was not in the garage for repairs.

To avail all the above advantages you must keep all your paper work in order, it includes:-
a) your written claims,
b) receipts,
c) estimates and all other documents pertaining to the defective vehicle.
Lemon Law Texas ensures your deserving claims, but if should follow all the requirements as discussed above. However, for non cooperative manufacturers never hesitate to take the help of an attorney.

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