Michael Jackson’s cardiologist may hit with medical malpractice suit or even a class-action lawsuit over medical negligence

Michael-JacksonAn obvious question is spreading all over the world, whether this sudden death of Michael Jackson is due to medical negligence or malpractice, as his doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray was always present with him till Jackson stop breathing and paramedics arrived.

An fiery question has been generated and injected into the mind of several Jackson’s fan and others on the nature of medication administered by Dr. Murray. As the investigation of the police into Jackson’s death gathers heat, Murray’s medical prescription to Jackson had come under spot light.

It is reported that to deal with expected lawsuits, probable police interrogations, charges and unknown harassment, Dr. Murray had already hired a law firm. Police have already restricted his movement within Los Angeles and also informed him that he would be needed as a eye witness to understand the sudden death of Jackson at an early age.

Dr. Murry and his medical clinic, Cardiovascular Associates, also experienced more than $400,000 lawsuit in court judgments and at least two other pending cases are awaiting in the waiting list.

Though the autopsy of Jackson had not suggest any foul play regarding his death, and the team is waiting for the result of routine toxicology test performed on the body, but the family had requested for a second autopsy on the deceased to confirmed that the cause of death is cardiac arrest and nothing else, which is a clear hint of suspicion towards the doctor.

Source: Law and Judiciary


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