Microsoft Expects Antitrust Lawsuit from Adobe in Europe

Microsoft Corp. said that it expected Adobe Systems Inc. to file an antitrust lawsuit in Europe after talks to use Adobe’s technology broke down this week.

Adobe wants Microsoft to remove the feature and offer Adobe’s technology separately for a fee. Microsoft has agreed to remove the feature, but is unwilling to charge for it, the Journal reported.

In February, Adobe Chief Executive Bruce Chizen told Reuters he considered Microsoft to be the company’s biggest concern. “The competitor I worry about most is Microsoft,” Chizen said at the time.
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  1. Zoli's Blog Says:

    Microsoft - Adobe: Much Ado About Nothing

    There is a lot of fuss  about  Adobe  blocking  Microsoft’s  plans to incorporate  "save to PDF" functionality in Office 2007.
    Much Ado About Nothing. Legally Adobe owns the PDF format, but it has long been openly available. 
    A li…

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