Montana man ordered to apologize for trying to get out of jury duty with expletive-laced rant

Mont. man to jury duty: Take this summons and …

HELENA, Mont. — A Montana man who replied to a jury summons with an expletive-filled affidavit has apologized to the court on a judge’s orders.

The Smoking Gun Web site on Thursday posted the affidavit submitted by Erik Slye of Belgrade to the Gallatin County District court in January.

The document shows Slye asked to be excused from jury duty because he didn’t want to lose income. It calls court workers “morons” and says that the service was “a complete waste of time.”

The automobile painter was ordered by a judge to apologize to court clerks at a hearing last week.

His wife Jennifer says her husband couldn’t be reached for comment Friday. She says she was the one who wrote it.

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