More disciplinary action against accused in German terrorism trial

Judge disciplines accused in terror trial

DUESSELDORF, Germany — An Islamic terrorist suspect, on trial with three others on charges they plotted attacks on American targets in Germany, was thrown out of the courtroom Tuesday after an outburst.

Judge Ottmar Breidling threw Adem Yilmaz, 30, out of the Duesseldorf state court for the day after the suspect yelled: “I want back in my cell!”

Breidling also sentenced him to an extra week’s imprisonment, to be added on to any possible sentence.

Yilmaz has already earned two extra weeks in prison as punishment from Breidling for refusing to stand up during the swearing-in of a translator last week. He told the court: “I only stand up for Allah.”

Yilmaz, a Turkish citizen, is being tried along with another Turk and two Germans on charges of plotting to attack U.S. and other targets across the country before an October 2007 vote by parliament on extending Germany’s mission in Afghanistan.

German authorities arrested Yilmaz, 30, along with alleged ringleader Fritz Gelowicz, 29, and Daniel Schneider, 23, at a rented vacation apartment on Sept. 4, 2007.

The fourth suspect, 24-year-old Attila Selek, was picked up in Turkey in November 2007 and later extradited to Germany. Selek is a Turkish citizen; Gelowicz and Schneider are German converts to Islam.

Prosecutors allege that the group planned car bomb attacks on various sites, including a U.S. military base with the aim of killing “as many people as possible.”

All the suspects are accused of being members of the radical Islamic Jihad Union, an offshoot of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. They face charges including membership in a terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit murder.

The charges together carry a 10-year maximum sentence.

Schneider is further charged with attempted murder, for allegedly grabbing an officer’s gun and firing it at him during arrest. He faces possible life in prison.

The trial, being held in a high-security courtroom, is scheduled to last at least until the end of August.


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