NH court upholds conviction for candidate who faked disappearance to boost his campaign

Candidate’s fake-disappearance conviction upheld

CONCORD, N.H. — The New Hampshire Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a former congressional candidate convicted of faking his disappearance in 2006.

Gary Dodds’ attorney said that the state hadn’t proven its case and the charges didn’t fit Dodds’ alleged crime. The court disagreed in a unanimous opinion Friday.

Defense attorney Andrew Schulman maintained that Dodds crashed his car, stumbled into a river, swam across, walked up the other side and fell into a pile of leaves, where he stayed until being found 26 hours later.

Prosecutors said Dodds’ near-normal body temperature and nearly dry clothes show his story was untrue. They say the disappearance was a ruse to boost Dodd’s campaign.

Dodds was released from jail in February.


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