North Carolina to start online profiles to counter medical malpractice

The people of North Carolina are likely to have a good time ahead. The N.C. Medical Board is in its way to implement the law that will enable them to see whether their doctors have made malpractice payments. Those online profiles will also include other information, such as whether they’ve been convicted of a crime or have been disciplined by a medical board in another state or by a government agency.

The rule has already gained the approval of the approval of the Rules Review Commission, which monitors administrative rule making in state government. It is now waiting for the approval of the General Assembly. The information on the doctor will also tell how common malpractice payments are for a particular specialty. It will take some time to get the software and computers ready for the new malpractice information to go online. In addition, it will take some time to gather the information from the physicians and physician assistants.

Mike Edwards, a spokesman for the N.C. Medical Society, said,

“The medical board has the expertise, they have all the evidence at hand. They’re doctors. They know what proper care is and isn’t.”

The rules, which could face legislative review next year, would require doctors and physician assistants to report all malpractice payments made after Oct. 1, 2007, that are greater than $25,000.

Source: The Times


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