Oakland agrees to settle Feb 15 lawsuit against OHA

As a settlement agreement between the Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) and Oakland City Attorney’s Office the company has agreed to respond to complaints within two business days. This includes inspection on the problem site in a weekly basis.

This settlement was announced on October 16, in response to the February 15, 2007 lawsuit, which charges that 1,615 apartment units at 254 public housing sites were cited for code violations and unsafe living conditions.

In addition, as recent as September 22, during a late night session in the crowded meeting room of the Oakland Housing Authority Commissioners Board Meeting, the OHA board members voted and unanimously passed the relocation plans for 3,885 low-income mostly African-American renters from Oakland’s public housing.

In a separate vote that same evening, the OHA board members voted and passed the disposition plan, allowing the OHA to file an application with Housing and Urban Development (HUD), requesting permission to dispose of 1,615 public housing units.

If HUD grants this permission to dispose of the 1,615 public housing units, Oakland may end up losing $10,717,140 per year with the displacement of total 1,554 low-income families from Oakland’s public housing. This includes a total of 3,885 family members including children, the aged, disabled and infirm.

The OHA owns over 3,300 apartments, and is one of Oakland’s largest landlords.

Source: https://www.indybay.org/


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