Oklahoma senate prefers to block the lemon law bill

Sen-Harry-CoatesLegislation that strengthens consumer protections for Oklahomans who buy defective cars and trucks, seems to be not so important issue for the senate as stated by the chairman of the Senate Business and Labor Committee, Sen. Harry Coates .

According to Sen. Harry Coates, He never plans to give a House-Pass to “Lemon Law”, which he feels, not a big problem for the state. He is not interested with a bill which does not have a whole lot of support.

Attorney General Drew Edmondson expressed his support for the bill, which would give protections to consumers if they purchase a lemon.  It’s good for business and it’s good for consumers - especially in this economy, in addition he thinks that its a real travesty for the car consumers in Oklahoma as there is just one person to decide that he doesn’t like the bill.

The legislation would give consumers the choice of a refund or replacement of a defective vehicle rather than having the manufacturer make the decision, as under current law.

The bill would also bar manufacturers from charging for the first 15,000 in mileage if the defective automobile is replaced.

The bill passed the House last month with wide bipartisan support, on a 97-2 vote. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, a national trade group of car makers, has taken a neutral position on the bill.

Source: Forbes.com


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