Over a million cases pending in Delhi courts: official data

NEW DELHI - There are more than 1,200,000 cases pending in the five district courts of the capital which are fighting hard to clear the backlog.

According to the latest figures available on the website of the district courts, there is an increase of 68 percent pending cases since 2007.

At present, as many as 1,202,130 cases are pending among which as many as 508,660 cases relate to dishonoured cheques.

The number of cases pending in Delhi courts last year stood at 942,429.

The failure to fill the vacancy of judges has been one of the reasons for slow disposal of the cases as the data provided by the apex court shows that out of the 591 posts, 226 were lying vacant till the beginning of this year.

The growing pendency of cases in the lower courts in the capital has also drawn the attention of the Delhi High Court which has asked the judges of the trial courts to dispose of them in a time frame of three years.

The increasing figure of pendency in lower courts has been in contrast to the efforts taken by the Delhi High Court and the city government which have been regularly holding evening courts, Lok Adalats and promoting alternate dispute redressal mechanism in the form of arbitration and conciliation.

Of the total pending cases, sessions courts here are dealing with 22,829 cases which include 1,766 murder cases, while the civil cases amount to 43,024.


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