Paramount Pictures reaches settlement in the famous Godfather game lawsuit

The son demands money for the father’s creation.The late Mario Puzo  wrote the terrific action-thriller “Godfather” which was later made into a movie by Paramount pictures Corp.

Mario Puzo had a deal with Paramount Pictures to receive
“a significant share of the revenue of any audio-visual products sold or rented with elements of the Godfather movies”.He died in 1999.

After that in 2006 The Godfather : The Game was released by Electronic Arts. But no money was paid to Puzo estate from Paramount side.

Lawyers for the Puzo estate had filed suit against Paramount Pictures Corp in June. His son Anthony Puzo demanded about $1 million for the breach of contract.

Last Friday , the two parties reached a settlement but nothing of the terms and conditions have been disclosed publicly.

Bert Fields, Puzo estate’s attorney claimed a “terrific” settlement was obtained for one the most admired films of all times.



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