Philip Morris Asks High Court to Reconsider Its $145 Billion Verdict

An application to reconsider and clarify parts of Florida Supreme Court’s decision last month to dismiss a $145 billion punitive damage award for injuring smokers has been made in the Florida Supreme Court by Philip Morris USA and other major tobacco companies.

The court upheld a trial jury’s finding that the companies negligently misled the public about cigarettes’ dangerous and addictive nature for use in future individual lawsuits - which Philip Morris claims conflicts with state and federal law, according to the motion filed by Miami attorney Norman Coll on behalf of the defendants.

“The Florida Supreme Court was correct in decertifying the class and acknowledging that each smoker’s lawsuit should be decided on its individual facts, but it is important to understand that no future jury can fairly apply findings from the Engle trial to future individual claims,” William S. Ohlemeyer, Philip Morris USA vice president and associate general counsel, said in a statement.

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