Premature Surgery Caused to Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Attorney Todd W. LeBlanc has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of Darlene Spears against Dr. Carl J. Beaudry and Christus Health Southeast Texas in 172nd District Court.

According to the petition, the plaintiff claims that she had an “known pathogen” infection which should have caused her doctor to wait and perform surgery at a later date.

“Plaintiff was not a viable candidate for surgery and surgery should have been put off,” the suit said. “Had surgery been put off until plaintiff’s ongoing health issues were resolved, then the damages would not have occurred.”

The jury will hear the plaintiff’s claim that Dr. Beaudry failed to meet the standard of care by:

Failing to acquire informed consent;

Failing to obtain pre-operative medical clearance;

Failing to obtain proper infectious disease consults prior to surgery, even though it was known that plaintiff had a positive culture of a known pathogen;

Failing to obtain adequate culture with sensitivities prior to placing plaintiff on antibiotics;

Failing to perform wound exploration and debridement; and

Failing to properly treat and care for plaintiff.

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