Protest against Delhi High Court decision on Article 377 on homosexuality in Delhi

NEW DELHI - A group of Sikh and Hindu activists staged a demonstration in the national capital to protest the Delhi High Court’s recent verdict on Article 377.

The Delhi High Court on Thursday decriminalised Article 377, allowing consensual sex between persons of same gender above 18 years of age.

Members of National Akali Dal along with members of Santan Dharam Sabha, a Hindu organisation, staged the protest and demanded government authorities to step in to prevent passing of the law.

“We are planning to meet the President and the Home Minister. If we do not get assurance from them within a week we will move to the Supreme Court and contest our case there,” Manohar Lal Kumar, one of the activists said.

The current law bans “sex against the order of nature,” and is widely interpreted to mean homosexual sex in India.

The court’s decision to overturn a British colonial era law on same-gender sex dismayed various religious groups but led to a wave of delight among gay activists and health workers.

The verdict can still be challenged in the Supreme Court.

The 1861 law prohibiting “sex against the order of nature”-widely interpreted to mean homosexual sex-has not yet been repealed and carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

Petitions to change the 1861 law have so far been firmly rejected by the Governments previously. But there has been some softening up on the stand recently with some ministers suggesting the possibility of revoking the ban was being discussed.

Thursday’s court verdict came after nine years of legal proceedings initiated by India’s gay groups. (ANI)


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