Quebec Customers File A Class Action Lawsuit Against Bell Canada

The Quebec customers filed a class action lawsuit against Bell Canada on charges of Internet hijacking at the Quebec Superior Court last week. The fraud victims say that without their knowledge, or consent, their computers downloaded a hidden program which caused their computers to place expensive, long distance phone calls.

The class action is claiming refunds plus damages and 200$ compensation per plaintiff plus interest for the hassles they went through. It covers the period from March 10, 2003 right up until last Wednesday. Lawyers say there could be thousands of Quebeckers included in the class action.

The lawyers for the plaintiffs counter Bell has known about the modem dialing scam for at least four years but continued to collect for the overseas calls, arguing it has no choice under international agreements. But defense lawyers argue that Bell makes a profit on all of the calls - whether they’re legitimate or not.

Source: CJAD


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