Recent development in Wal-Mart’s labor lawsuit: straight from judge’s court

A lawsuit was filed by six female employees in 2001 against the corporate giant Wal-Mart. This leading business house was charged for discriminating women workers.

The suit filers complained that the company paid them less compared to the male employees. Also they were infrequently given promotions.

In 2004 a federal judge approved class-action status. That ruling made it possible for almost every woman who had worked for Wal-Mart since December 1998 to join the suit.

Wal-Mart however opposed this action and appealed not to group the bias claims in a single lawsuit since a one lawsuit would have a single jury trial to defend its practises resulting in billions of dollars in stake.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has granted the appeal and the hearing would take place in front of a 11-judge panel. The hearing date has not yet been decided.

Irrespective of the nationwide lawsuits, the Wal-Mart attorney, Theodore Boutrous claims that the company has suitable work environment where both genders are treated on equal footings.


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