Riverside Regional Medical Center Settles Malpractice Suit for $1 Million

A malpractice suit was decided against Riverside Regional Medical Center with $1 million compansation.

A jury decided that hospital nurses didn’t properly supervise hte woman who fell and broke her hip at Riverside Regional Medical Center during a stay in 1997.

The jury decided in November that the family was also entitled to interest since the time of the fall, but a judge last week capped the award at $1 million, which was the state maximum for malpractice verdicts in 1997.

A second lawsuit filed in November also alleges that another elderly woman fell and suffered brain injuries while at Riverside in July this year.

Link [www.dailypress.com/news/local/dp-24388sy0dec05,0,2890262.story?coll=dp-news-local-final]


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