Russian trade union seeks return of sailors stranded in Vietnam

VLADIVOSTOK - The Russian Seamen’s Trade Union has requested international assistance for the repatriation of around 60 Russian sailors who were “abandoned” in Vietnam by ship owners.

The Russian Seamen’s Trade Union received an appeal from the crews of six fishing vessels deserted by their Russian owners near the Vietnamese port of Ho Chi Minh. The sailors have not been paid wages for several months.

“We will appeal to the International Transport Workers’ Federation for assistance, and ask for funds to repatriate them,” Nikolai Sukhanov, a union leader, told RIA Novosti.

The crews of two other Russian vessels detained in China over debt arrears appealed Wednesday to the Russian president and prosecutor general to secure their return.

Chinese authorities impounded the Vasily Yan cargo ship and the Professor Voskresensky vessel over debts of the ships’ owner, Russia’s Arctic Shipping Company.

Both vessels had been undergoing repairs in the port of Shanghai since last September, and currently have insufficient reserves of food, fuel, and drinking water.

–RIA Novosti


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