Siouxland Urology filed a motion to dismiss class action lawsuit

Anybody may recall that the class action was filled after Siouxland Urology notified 5,200 patients  could be at risk for Hepatitis and HIV after the center reused some single-use equipment.

It’s being like a horror day dream for common people, who could ever think of, that a reputed organisation like Souxland Urology Center could ever  put their patients at risk  of killer diseases like HIV and Hepatitis etc, by reusing saline bags and tubing for cystoscopies.

Presently Siouxland Urology Associates has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed in April by five Lowa plaintiffs. The class action suit arose in regard to the previous cystoscopy procedure used by the clinic.

According to Siouxland Urology spokesperson Stacy Bettison the intend to vigorously defend against the plaintiffs claims. they believe there is no basis for the class action or the specific claims alleged in the suit.

Source: KMEG14


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