Sony Settles Rootkit Class Action Lawsuit

Sony finally settles the class action lawsuit filed in California caused by their highly controversial decision to install a rootkit for DRM protection of their music CD’s [] . If you are a Sony CD customer read the full details below to claim your rights.

Sony will immediately recall all XCP infected CDs and replace them with non-content-protected CDs. It has also agreed to offer incentives to U.S. customers to “ensure that XCP CDs are promptly removed from the market.”

As part of the settlement customers who return their XCP infected CD can either download three free albums from a list of over 200 titles, or claim a cash payment of $7.50 and a free download of one album for their troubles.

To claim this compensation, customers must return their XCP CDs to Sony or provide the company with a receipt showing they returned or exchanged the CD at a retailer after Nov. 14.
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Sony rootkit caused tremendous backlash in the user community and on the internet. Unfortunately for Sony the same much maligned DRM protection could be subverted by a simple piece of tape.


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