South Carolina Consumer warned not to go for lawsuit

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs is warning consumers not to fall for a class action lawsuit scam involving some unknown person or persons.

The caller tells the resident that the lawsuit was successful and they are due several checks amounting to thousands of dollars. The caller then advises the resident that all they have to do is pay their part of the associated legal fees or some type of tax on the money.

Although this part of the scam seems to vary, the fees due never amount to more than a few hundred dollars. Once this money is received, the caller states that the consumer’s portion of the settlement will be delivered to his or her home by a Brink’s armored carrier, or worse still – deposited straight into the consumer’s bank account.

Consumers receiving calls of this nature should be aware of the following red flags:
* The caller states that the “fees” have to be mailed to a postal box in Canada or sent by wire transfer.
* The scam artists use official sounding or authentic language, and attempt to lure victims by making mention of actual businesses (Brink’s armored car service) that are legitimate and well known.
* High pressure pitches: unless consumers respond today, the settlement will be forfeited.
* Suspicious caller ID number is displayed.

Source: Greenwood Today


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