Study finds Vaccination law not used properly in Atlanta

According to the AJC’s review 625 public and private school in Atlanta, it was found that at least 99 schools’ kindergartners and 81 schools’ sixth-graders failed to meet the Vaccination law standard during the 2007-2008 school year. The problem was most severe in Fulton County, where the county health department has failed to monitor individual school compliance for years and allowed the Atlanta and Fulton County systems to police themselves.

Officials at the Georgia Division of Public Health said they were stunned by the number of schools identified by the AJC that allowed 30 percent to 80 percent of their kindergartners or sixth-graders to attend classes nearly two months into the 2007-08 school year without proof of all vaccinations, temporary waivers or forms legally exempting them from shots.

School officials said there are many reasons students fail to follow the immunization law: they may have missing or incomplete paperwork; doctors may certify children have all their shots when they don’t; some children are missing vaccines or booster doses to ensure immunity; others lack health insurance, transportation or parents who can miss work for doctors’ appointments.In most cases, school officials said, students eventually get their shots or file required forms.



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