Swedish maritime expert: Russia in charge of piracy case

STOCKHOLM - Russia is the most likely place for a possible trial of those detained in connection with the missing Arctic Sea freighter, a Swedish expert on maritime law said Wednesday.

“The law is clear on this matter,” Professor Hugo Tiberg, an expert on maritime law and transportation at Stockholm University, told Swedish radio news.

The Russian Navy earlier this week freed the 15-strong crew on the freighter and said eight suspects were detained in the operation off the Cape Verde islands.

Swedish police were investigating the July 24 boarding of the vessel in the Baltic Sea between the Swedish mainland and island of Gotland, while Finnish police were investigating “aggravated extortion” against the company that owns the Malta-registered vessel.

But the overall responsibility rests with Russia, Tiberg assessed.

“Although the ship was in Swedish waters when the attack took place, the vessel was then in international waters, and that is why the Russians are in charge,” he added.


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