US Rice Farmers Want Massive Class Action Lawsuit Against Germany’s Bayer AG

Farmers in various parts of the USA have lodged a class action lawsuit against the German company Bayer AG. The class action has been filed at the federal court in St. Louis, Missouri and the hearing is likely to be started from the next week. All the farmers from various states of the US will be allowed to seek damages against Bayer AG for contamination in 2006. Farmers suffered a huge loss as a results of plunge in rice price and drop in export business. The company is accused of contamination of commercial rice supplies by a Bayer biotech rice farm, not approved for human consumption.

The class action further accuses that the the farmers also were not able to plant a crop the following year because of seed shortages. They had to undertake costly clean-up efforts. The plaintiff’s attorney said that class action lawsuit is the best way to compensate the farmers.

Bayer AG, on the other hand, plans to fight against the farmers. The company is doing hard to keep the farmers away from the lawsuit.

About 700 rice farmers have filed lawsuits against Bayer following the August 2006 disclosure that the company’s genetically altered experimental rice had somehow contaminated food supplies.



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