US steel law should ensure maximum use of American made steel : US Representative urges

US Representative Mr Pete Visclosky is trying to strengthen the My American Steel First Act to help ensure that American steelmakers, who are an important part of the economic stimulus, should get enough chances so that Northwest Indiana’s mills stay running.

Visclosky is co sponsoring legislation to make the Buy American law more powerful to ensure that all construction projects for Defense, Homeland Security and Transportation should use only American made steel.

According to Visclosky, as we work to revitalize our economy by modernizing and expanding our infrastructure, we can take the effort a step further by using only American construction materials, especially steel.

Visclosky believes that The American Steel First Act will make the government start buying American, should reject unfair imports from countries like China, and uphold American manufacturing and help Northwest Indiana and the entire nation pull through these terribly trying times.

Source: SteelGure


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