VA hospital yet again asking for a fresh medical malpractice lawsuit over substandard prostate cancer care

veteran-bewareWhen Barry Lackro, a Air Force veteran developed prostate cancer in 2004 at the age of 54, he was quite assured that his early stage malignancy is curable. But at present after having treated in the Philadelphia VA Medical Center for almost five years he is now in such a terrible situation that he specifically wants end up his life early.

This is one of the 92 veterans story of sub standard prostate cancer care between 2002 and 2008, who suffers most in the Philadelphia VA due to too little or too much brachytherapy seed implants done.

Between 2002 and 2008 the implantation error ratio was 96:116 procedures.  Radiation seeds were implanted incorrectly, not sufficiently within the prostate and worse, implanted in adjacent organs and/or body tissue (i.e. bladder, rectum, and perineum).

Patients believed they were receiving the correct dosage needed to treat the cancer, however their prostates were undertreated and other organs were exposed to radiation they not only didn’t require but were damaged significantly.

Barry Lackro, the Air Force Veteran, is a sufferer of these very bad procedures. The majority of the radiation seeds were implanted in his rectum instead of the prostate.  He wasn’t notified of this mistake until over a year and a half later and after the loss of over 20 percent of his body weight, loss of his profession (could no longer work), and tissue flap surgery to repair the radiation damage to his rectum. He also suffers from fecal incontinence.

VA Facility in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, already gained a considerable amount of unpopularity due to improperly sterilized endoscopy instruments possibly exposing thousands of veterans to HIV and Hepatitis infections the last thing the V.A.

Now this substandard and negligent treatments for prostate cancer that have compelled veterans to instgate the desire of death to escape from unbearable suffering is a new feather for the ugly hat, which obviously deserve a huge medical malpractice class action lawsuit. and


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