‘Valkyrie’ bosses face lawsuit over Hitler’s globe

LONDON - Producers of Tom Cruise’s new movie ‘Valkyrie’ are reportedly facing possible legal action over the use of a Nazi prop in the film.

The movie, which tells the true story of a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, includes scenes featuring the Nazi leader’s famous globe, on which he planned his military strategy.

Now the owner of the real globe, Robert Pritikin is contemplating a lawsuit against film bosses for breach of copyright, reports contactmusic.com.

Art collector Pritikin paid $100,000 (68,483 pounds) for the globe in 2007, and copyrighted its likeness to prevent its use by right-wing propaganda groups and he was reportedly ’stunned’ to see a replica version used extensively in ‘Valkyrie’.

‘Pritikin believes the globe should be used as a teaching tool so the lessons of Hitler’s nightmare can keep history from repeating itself,’ said director-turned-detective Paul Barresi, who is investigating the case.


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