Victim’s family file lawsuit for triple-fatal car crash

liquorDecember 12,2007: 3 teenagers Pham, 16; Ripley, 19; and Shawn David Huq, 16. purchased alcohol from a store named Kwik-Way Mart liquor store and then mounted in a car M-120 in drunken state. Driver Johnathon Chadwick Neiger-Bickham turned left in front of a tanker truck near Old Orchard Lane, causing a collision.

The teens were killed. Only the driver survived. He is now in prison. Recently, the family of Aaron Lee Pham is filing a lawsuit against all persons they hold responsible for the car crash and death of the teenager boy.

They are suing the driver for his carelessness and negligence, the liquor store owner for violating Michigan’s Dram Shop Act, which makes alcohol sellers responsible for damages caused by their customers and Antonio Ripley ( the car owner ) for giving a drunken person permission to drive the car.

Pham’s estate seeks unstated damages of more than $25,000. Present situation is:

Neiger-Bickham, now 20, is serving a seven-to-15-year prison term after pleading no contest to three counts of drunken driving causing death. Kwik-Way owner Betak Enterprises and three of the store’s clerks last year pleaded no contest to furnishing alcohol to minors and received varying fines or short jail terms.

However A no-contest plea is not an admission of guilt, meaning it can’t be used against a defendant in a civil lawsuit such as the Pham family’s.


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