Weirton Medical Center agreed for $2 Million settlement over wrongful death lawsuit

The family of the medical malpractice victim Genevieve Haught, have filed the medical malpractice lawsuit in 2005.

Genevieve died after undergoing surgery to freeze a lesion on her kidney at Weirton Medical Center. Her surgeon, Dr. Jayapal Reddy, perforated Haught’s stomach during surgery, which later got infected and led to her death.

The lawsuit alleges both the doctors, Dr. Reddy who was acting as an assistant to Dr. Hardev Parihar while the physicians were performing a transabdominal lapraroscopic cryoablation, had any experience performing the procedure.

However, as per a statement by Dr. Parihar, Dr. Reddy was not acting as his assistant during the procedure, he denying that he had any control over his actions. In addition, Dr. Parihar also denied that he was untrained to perform the surgery.



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