Will Lemon Law cover Chrysler consumers? Attorney General likes to know it clearly

It’s being a great concern for Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, whether  lemon-lawConnecticut’s lemon law will be fully honored by Chrysler’s new owners and the federal government. He called on the U.S. Department of Treasury Wednesday to discuss and assurance about the matter.

Blumenthal suspects that a lemon car that bought today may not be protected because these companies may hide under the certain of bankruptcy and would reluctant to respect those obligation.

He also draw his concerns in a letter to the Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. The letter shows his concerns that no one in the Chrysler bankruptcy proceedings has unequivocally agreed to assume liability for claims brought under state lemon laws for vehicles purchased during the bankruptcy proceedings.

However,  President Obama assured in March that warranties from Chrysler and General Motors would be safe and that the federal government will stand behind warranties.

Source: WFSB.com


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