Ohio couple sues thirty seven companies seeking $200,000 over exposure to asbestos

Ohio couple Clinus and Teresa Slone, filed an asbestos lawsuit against thirty seven companies who according to the couple are responsible for the exposure of the deadly carcinogenic asbestos that help developed the deadly form of cancer , mesothelioma, to Clinus Slone.

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$500 million Travelers asbestos lawsuit settlement approved by U.S. Supreme Court

The lawsuit alleges Travelers Companies Inc. was trying to hide the dangerous effects of asbestos, the exposure of which is a leading cause of the deadly form of cancer, mesothelioma, which targets the lining of the lungs, heart, abdomen and other internal organs. Asbestos can also cause the asbestosis, a chronic lungs disease.

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Mesothelioma victims family filed lawsuit over former employers negligence

Texas man Lewis Ayala’s relatives filed a mesothelioma law suit in June 2, 2009 in Jefferson County District Court. The lawsuit claimed that Ayala developed mesothelioma on job, a rare but aggressive form of liver and lung cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos, the toxic material used in insulation and other products.

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Mesothelioma lawsuit reinstated by court of appeals against brake manufacturer

This mesothelioma lawsuit has been fumed out of the incident of death of Walter Tatera, a machine shop worker. who used to grind  asbestos-containing brake linings which are incorporated into automobile brake systems.

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Defense personnel applied for justice over asbestos and other toxic exposure in Iraq and Afghanistan

Airmen Staff Sgt. Wendy L. McBreairty and Senior Master Sgt. Glen S. Massman have filed a lawsuit against defense contractor firms over open air burning of trash containing asbestos and other toxic materials, that may fumed killer diseases like cancer and

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largest civil penalty ever in Iowa for asbestos violations: claimed attorney general

Equitable-BuildingLowa Attorney General Tom Miller informed that Equitable L.P. faces a $500,000 fine over unsafe asbestos renovation work, while working on the historic Equitable Buiding, informed Lowa Attorney General Tom Miller. Full article »

$12M awarded by jury to a Navey machinist in a asbestos lawsuit

asbestos-fibre66-year-old Charles H. Cundiff, a former U.S. Navy machinist who is now suffering from mesothelioma has been awarded  $12.1 million by a Los Angeles County jury on last Monday.

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Kuhels brothers faces asbestos lawsuit filed by ADEQ

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the company, brothers Warren and Clayton Kuhles of accepting non-permitted waste at the landfill, which was allowed to accept only construction debris.

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Railway company faces lawsuit over exposure to the deadly carcinogenic asbestos

Ebb Williams Jnr who worked for the Kansas City Southern Railway Co as a locomotive engineer between 1974 and 2002. i s suing the Kansas City Southern Railway Co over the issue, that as a result of exposure to asbestos during the course of his work he contracted lung disease.

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Tremendous loss of mesothelioma patient urges him to sue 31 companies

meso-absestosThaddeus Alpough is a laborer cum welder cum supervisor by profession. Extreme asbestos exposure has caused him physical pain, mental anguish, loss of earning capacity , disfigurement etc. He was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma  which incurred huge remedial bills as the result of his disease.

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