Angry tax payers hit Tulsa city with a class action lawsuit over unfair ballpark assessment fees

ballparkMore disappointed business house have joined a class-action lawsuit against the City of Tulsa to stop the unfair assessment fees which had been forcefully burdened on them for a new downtown ballpark.

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Ontario court refused to certify class action status over unpaid over time suit against CIBC

Ontario Superior Court of Justice has decided that overtime policy of bank was not illegal, hence a and and the claims for unpaid overtime should be claimed on an individual basis.

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Openheimer AMT free municipals fund hit with a class action lawsuit over false and misleading statement to sell shares in fund

The class action lawsuit was filed by renowned law firm Millberg LLP . The suit charges OppenheimerFunds, Inc., OppenheimerFunds Distributor, Inc., the Fund and certain of its trustees and officers with violations of Sections 11, 12(a)(2), and 15 of the Securities Act of 1933, which prohibit materially false and misleading statements in registration statements and prospectuses of the kind used to sell shares in the Fund.

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Michigan insurance company agreed to settle austistic treatment for children

The Michigan class action settlement on autism treatment will hopefully stop the insurance companies claiming that behavioral therapy for autistic children is experimental. It is a significant victory for the austistic families who compelled the insurance companies to treat autism treatment in a different way.

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Kingate Global Fund Ltd. hit with a class action lawsuit over losses caused by the Madoff Ponzi Scheme

The lawsuit was filed on June 12, 2009 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, on behalf of all persons who continued to have an investment in the Kingate Global Fund Ltd. fund on December 10, 2008.

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Pike class-action may push up $450 Milion

The amount has been estimated by a finance professor of Babson College in effort to secure a giant refund  for toll-weary Pike drivers.

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Class action lawsuit could cost a eight figure penalty to Blue Cross Georgia

Georgia surgery centers are seeking class action against Blue Cross that could cost the state’s largest health insurer tens of millions of dollars. The the suit claims that Blue Cross violate federal and state laws protecting patients and providers, as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield’s contracts.

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Merck’s challenge over Vioxx litigation achieved Supreme Courts attention

The U.S.Supreme Court yesterday agreed to consider Merck & Co.’s challenge to a shareholder lawsuit, where investors alleged that the company misled them regarding the safety of the anti pain drug Vioxx.

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$50 million class action lawsuit directed by Calgray health workers over payment problem

Calgary health workers have formed a group and launched a $50 million class action lawsuit against Telus Sourcing Solutions Inc., the company that administers their payroll.

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largest civil penalty ever in Iowa for asbestos violations: claimed attorney general

Equitable-BuildingLowa Attorney General Tom Miller informed that Equitable L.P. faces a $500,000 fine over unsafe asbestos renovation work, while working on the historic Equitable Buiding, informed Lowa Attorney General Tom Miller. Full article »

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