GM’s path to exit bankruptcy protection apparently clear as deadline passes

GM’s path to leave Chapter 11 apparently cleared

DETROIT — General Motors Corp. sped toward a record-short escape from bankruptcy protection Thursday when a judge’s order approving the sale of most of its assets to a new company went into effect.

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Laptop manufacturers may hit with a class action lawsuit due to unjustified claim

laptop-batteriesActual battery performance of laptops are half the time as  advertised, says renowned chip maker Advanced Micro Devices.

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Attorney Generals protest against General Motors’ over wrong and illegal dealer handling

The way General Motors’ trying to avoid state laws while dealing with dealers compelled Ohio’s attorney general filed an objection on Friday.

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Jury awarded $475,000 to home owners to re-plumb their home

plumbing-lawsuitAs part of a valley-wide plumbing defect class action lawsuit, a jury has finally awarded $475,000 to homeowners in the the Dove Canyon neighborhood in North Las Vegas as part of a valley-wide plumbing defect class action lawsuit.

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Bausch & Lomb manage to selttle 600 eye fungus lawsuits for $250 million plus

Contact lens and optical product maker Bausch & Lomb has quietly managed to settle nearly 600 fungal-infection lawsuits for $250 million plus. While dozens more individual claims yet to be resolved.

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Defective Chines drywall suit will hit with record class actiona and individual cases

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Hydroxycut faces class action lawsuit over misleading safety warnings

On May 1, 2009, the FDA and Iovate Health Sciences USA, Inc. issued a Hydroxycut recall due to a potential risk that side effects of the dietary supplements may cause users to suffer liver failure and other potentially life-threatening injuries.

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A St. Joseph tannery faces class action lawsuit for cancer causing sludge

Sludges are muddy or slushy sediment which usually generates as disposals from tanneries. A St. Joseph tannery known as Prime Tanning Corp., hit with a class action lawsuit as they gave farmers toxic sludge to use as a fertilizer while they were fully aware that the sludge contained a known cancer-causing agent, chromium 6.

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Pfizer to settle $89 Million Proposed Class Action over false sales practice for Celebrex and Bextra

PfizerA federal court in San Francisco has granted preliminary approval to a proposed settlement Fund of $89 million with Pfizer Inc. (”Pfizer”) about the marketing of the prescription drugs Bextra and Celebrex.

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Norton(anti-virus) agrees to settle class action over unlawful termination of subscription time

NortonThis lawsuit against Symantec Corp. (”Symantec”) alleges that Symantec, the company that sells Norton computer and Internet security products, has an unlawful policy of terminating subscription time of certain customers who purchased upgrades, without providing a credit or refund for unused subscription time, and that Symantec fails to disclose this policy.

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