Group of dissident Chrysler lenders reveals identities of members

Chrysler lenders group releases list of members

NEW YORK — The names of a handful of Chrysler debt holders who oppose the automaker’s bankruptcy were disclosed Wednesday, but a number of others dropped their opposition, a week after President Barack Obama publicly chastised the group for not supporting his plan to help remake the company.

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Supreme Court prospects’ stock holdings could pose conflict-of-interest problems for cases

Stocks could pose conflicts for court prospects

WASHINGTON — Some Supreme Court prospects have extensive corporate holdings, including shares in Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric and Microsoft and stock in a manufacturer that recalled lead-paint-coated “Flush & Sounds Potty” toilet seats.

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Taiwanese tycoon challenges Buffett for his firm’s investment in Chinese business rival

Taiwanese tycoon challenges Buffett’s investment

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A Taiwanese business tycoon has criticized U.S. investor Warren Buffett’s decision to invest in a Chinese battery and car maker that faces a lawsuit accusing it of stealing trade secrets.

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Court orders insurer to pay for man scared to death

TAIPEI - The Taiwan High Court has ordered an insurance company to pay out an accidental-death policy on a man whose family claimed he was scared to death by a burglar, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

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Apple faces lawsuit over ‘explosive’ iPod

LONDON - Apple has landed in legal trouble after a mother alleged her son endured second-degree burns when the company’s iPod touch music players exploded in his pocket.

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Apple Corps goes for settlement with Fuego Entertainment in early Beatles lawsuit

London-based Apple Corps comes to a settlement in lawsuit against Miami Lakes-based Fuego Entertainment Inc. A federal judge on Monday signed an order dismissing the lawsuit over the use of recordings of early Beatles performances.

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Apple iPhones service provider faces fraud class action law suit

Synchronoss Technologies, Inc is facing multiple fraud class action law suit from the law firm named, Gardy & Notis, LLP.

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Customer accuses iPhone 3G for violating the California law

The iPhone 3G is facing the second class action over its reported shortcomings. A customer has filed a suit seeking class action status against Apple and AT&T in a San Diego state court.

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Apple Settles iPod Battery Class Action Lawsuit

Apple Inc. has decided to settle its Class Action Lawsuit in Canada over the battery power of their iPods. The company is offering credits for its online store of about $44.75 to people who live in Canada and bought certain iPods there on or before June 24, 2004.

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iPhone Batteries Third Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple

Another class action lawsuit has been filed in the United States county court against Apple over iPhone batteries.
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