Hospital: Taiwan’s jailed former president hospitalized for dehydration after hunger strike

Hospital: Taiwan’s jailed ex-president dehydrated

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Former Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian was hospitalized for dehydration Saturday, a hospital official said, after he went on a two-day hunger strike to protest his detention over graft charges.

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China court postpones sentencing for Tibetan lama tried on weapons charges

China court postpones sentencing for Tibetan lama

BEIJING — A Chinese court has postponed sentencing in the case of a Tibetan lama tried on weapons charges, one of the man’s lawyers said Tuesday.

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Dalai Lama criticizes long sentences for 3 people in Tibetan riots as politically motivated

Dalai Lama: China riot ruling political

NARITA, Japan — The Dalai Lama on Wednesday criticized lengthy prison terms given a day earlier by China to three people for arson attacks during rioting last year in the Tibetan capital, calling the rulings politically motivated.

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Lawyer: Respected Tibetan lama on trial in China on charges linked to last year’s protest

Tibetan lama on trial for weapons charge in China

BEIJING — A respected Tibetan lama went on trial on weapons charges Tuesday as three people were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for deadly arson attacks during last year’s rioting in the Tibetan capital.

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Chinese lawyer’s family makes dramatic escape: Report

BEIJING - The wife and children of leading Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng have escaped from close police surveillance and travelled via Thailand to the US, Radio Free Asia reported Friday.

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