Delaware Sen. approves sports betting bill and sends it to governor for his expected signing

Sports betting bill passes Del. legislature

DOVER, Del. — The state Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would authorize Delaware to become the only state east of the Mississippi River to offer sports betting, sending it to Gov. Jack Markell for his promised signature.

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Hate crime acquittal becomes Hispanic rallying cry, exposes problems in enforcing bias laws

Hate crime acquittal becomes Hispanic rallying cry

Teenagers, a small town and alcohol. Tension between whites and a growing Hispanic population. Ethnic slurs, punches and kicks. A dead illegal immigrant from Mexico.

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Clemens again denies McNamee injected him with drugs in first public comments in over a year

Roger Clemens speaks: Denies drug use _ again

NEW YORK — Roger Clemens tried the silent treatment for more than a year and saw where that got him.

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Police get last laugh, arrest 3 pranksters for fake fire in dormitory at Central Connecticut

Conn. police don’t find humor in dorm fire prank

HARTFORD, Conn. — Officials at Central Connecticut State University don’t see the humor in this prank: burning bags of popcorn in a microwave in a crowded dorm in the middle of the night and tying some doors shut so residents think they’re trapped in a burning building.

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Quinnipiac athletics director testifies in federal lawsuit on elimination of women’s team

AD testifies in Quinnipiac Title IX lawsuit

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Quinnipiac University’s athletics director has testified that some coaches manipulated their rosters to meet gender equity goals.

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Clemens again denies McNamee injected him with drugs in first public comments in over a year

Clemens breaks silence, again denies drug use

NEW YORK — Roger Clemens broke his silence Tuesday, again denying that former personal trainer Brian McNamee injected him with performance-enhancing drugs in his first public comments in more than a year.

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Historically black colleges fighting cut in federal program they say is lifeline in hard times

Black colleges will fight cut to federal program

Leaders of historically black colleges say they’ll fight a reduction in a federal program they call a financial lifeline at a time of economic distress for the schools and their students.

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Scion of India’s Gandhi dynasty moves toward political center stage

Yet another Gandhi rises in Indian politics

SULTANPUR, India — For hundreds of thousands of people in this largely rural swathe of north India, Rahul Gandhi is their prince.

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Lawyers for mastermind of DC sniper rampage urge court to overturn conviction, death penalty

Court set to hear appeal by DC sniper mastermind

RICHMOND, Va. — Before John Allen Muhammad went to trial for orchestrating the deadly sniper rampage that terrorized the Washington, D.C., region, he claimed he was a prophet and that his teenage accomplice had concocted an herbal AIDS cure, his lawyers say.

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Illinois law could let Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife ‘testify from grave’ in ex-cop’s murder trial

Ill. law allowing hearsay to shape Peterson case

JOLIET, Ill. — Drew Peterson’s third wife will have a chance to “testify from the grave” under an Illinois law passed amid the media frenzy over his missing fourth wife, but some say prosecutors could be on shaky legal ground if they plan to build their murder case around that testimony.

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