Judge in Detroit says former judge is not immune to criminal charges in drugs-perjury case

Ex-judge fails to get perjury charges dismissed

DETROIT — A Michigan judge on Monday refused to dismiss criminal charges against a former judge accused of allowing two police officers to commit perjury during a drug trial.

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North Carolina, Wisconsin lawmakers pass smoking bans; Mississippi boosts cigarette tax

NC, Wisconsin lawmakers pass smoking bans

RALEIGH, N.C. — Beer and cigarettes go together like cows and hay in hard-partying Wisconsin. North Carolina is the country’s top tobacco-growing state.

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NC lawmakers OK smoking ban in country’s top tobacco-growing state; gov. says she’ll sign

Smoking ban in top tobacco-growing NC almost law

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina legislators have approved a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars in the country’s top tobacco-growing state.

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Pa. judge says Camel ad violated tobacco industry’s pledge not to pitch cigarettes to minors

Pa. judge says Camel ad violated tobacco’s pledge

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Camel ads coupled with illustrations promoting rock music in Rolling Stone magazine violated the tobacco industry’s decade-old promise not to use cartoons to sell cigarettes to minors, a Philadelphia judge ruled Wednesday.

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