Japan law offers aid to Minamata disease victims _ if they drop suits against company, gov’t

Japan to give aid to patients who drop lawsuits

TOKYO — The Japanese government passed a law Wednesday promising unspecified aid to victims of a rare neurological disorder — but only if they withdraw lawsuits against the government and the company that they say made them sick by dumping mercury.

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Former CLSA banker convicted of insider trading in Hong Kong

Ex-CLSA banker convicted of insider trading in HK

HONG KONG — A former banker at one of Asia’s top stock brokerages and an ex-fund manager were convicted in a Hong Kong court of insider trading that reaped illegal profits of more than half a million dollars four years ago.

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Ex-Tenn. prof gets 4 years for passing military data to student researchers from China, Iran

Ex-prof gets 4 years for passing military secrets

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A federal judge sentenced a retired University of Tennessee professor to four years in prison Wednesday for passing sensitive information from a U.S. Air Force contract to two research assistants from China and Iran.

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First US economic espionage trial against Chinese-born engineer winds down in California

First US economic espionage trial winds down

SANTA ANA, Calif. — A Chinese-born, former engineer for Boeing Co. knowingly possessed critical trade secrets on the U.S. space program and intended to pass them to China, a federal prosecutor said Wednesday in her closing argument at the first economic espionage case to reach a U.S. courtroom.

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Police in tracksuits, smiling Tibetans: Foreign reporters get tightly controlled tour of Lhasa

Foreign reporters allowed scripted trip to Tibet

LHASA, China — The Chinese paramilitary police who usually patrol Tibet’s often tense capital went to work in black and yellow track suits last week instead of their green uniforms. The occasion: a government-arranged visit by a group of foreign journalists.

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Hawaii’s laid-back residents admit to being unnerved by possible North Korea missile test

Planned N. Korea launch unnerves Hawaii residents

HONOLULU — Comforted by the U.S. military’s missile defense systems, Hawaii residents doubt a North Korean missile would light up the clear island sky like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

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NZ man found guilty of wife’s murder after abandoning toddler in Australia, fleeing to US

NZ dad who dumped toddler guilty of wife’s murder

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — A New Zealander was found guilty Saturday of his wife’s murder in a case that sparked an international manhunt after he abandoned his toddler at a train station and fled to the United States.

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Reports: South Korean pop star Rain settles suit in US over canceled concert

Reports: SKorean pop star Rain settles US lawsuit

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean pop star and actor Rain has settled a civil suit over a canceled concert in the United States, reports said Wednesday.

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Las Vegas company, owners plead guilty in case of contaminated pet food

Couple pleads guilty in toxic pet food case

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Las Vegas-based company and its owners have pleaded guilty to distributing a tainted ingredient used to make pet food that killed potentially thousands of dogs and cats.

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NKorea claims video made by US journalists shows they entered country illegally

NKorea: US journalists plotted ’smear campaign’

SEOUL, South Korea — One video recorder, six tapes, a digital camera and a stone: North Korea laid out its evidence against two American journalists sentenced to hard labor for entering the country illegally.

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