Senators to weigh Democrats’ plans to offer government health insurance to middle class

Senate weighs plan for government health insurance

WASHINGTON — Look out Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare. Senators are meeting behind closed doors to consider whether the federal government should jump into the health insurance business.

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Revolving bailout: Repaid money goes back into TARP _ and then back out again

Bailout redux: Repaid money could go back to banks

NEW YORK — After acing their “stress tests,” some big banks are rushing to raise capital and return billions in federal bailout money. But don’t expect it to replenish government coffers.

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INSIDE WASHINGTON: Health care companies back increased coverage, but not at their expense

INSIDE WASHINGTON: Recommended cuts trigger fight

WASHINGTON — The 9,700 companies providing home health care under Medicare generally support President Barack Obama’s call to remake the nation’s medical system. But mark them down as fiercely opposed to his recommendation to cut their own bottom line by $37 billion over a decade.

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AP source: Medical providers offer Obama administration $2 trillion in health care savings

AP source: $2 trillion offered in health savings

WASHINGTON — Top representatives of the health care industry plan to offer $2 trillion in cost reductions over 10 years in a bid to help pass President Barack Obama’s health overhaul, a source familiar with the negotiations said Sunday.

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Many groups seek to influence Congress as lawmakers try to develop health overhaul legislation

Health overhaul draws groups’ competing demands

WASHINGTON — Patients and doctors. Small businesses and multinationals. Retirees, workers and insurance companies.

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Competing demands on Congress from many groups as lawmakers try to write health overhaul bill

Competing demands on health overhaul from groups

WASHINGTON — Patients and doctors. Small businesses and multinationals. Retirees, workers and insurance companies.

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Budget asks Congress to end payments to states, communities for jailing criminal immigrants

Obama ends well-liked program for border security

WASHINGTON — Members of Congress quickly denounced an Obama administration plan to end federal payments to states and communities for jailing illegal immigrants.

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Government gives big banks needing capital after stress tests 1 month to develop approved plan

Gov’t sets June 8 deadline for banks’ capital plan

WASHINGTON — The nation’s biggest banks that are found to need more capital after government stress tests will have one month to come up with a plan to raise the additional resources.

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White House: Obama seeking to cut spending by $17B in 2010, savings relatively modest

White House: Obama wants to cut $17B from budget

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is citing a host of government programs for budget cuts, saying that “these savings, large and small, add up.”

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White House: Obama seeking boosts in domestic spending for 2010 with only modest spending cuts

White House: Obama seeks hike in domestic spending

WASHINGTON — In twin strokes, President Barack Obama is calling on Congress to award generous budget increases to domestic programs while proposing relatively modest cuts to wasteful or obsolete programs that just won’t seem to die.

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