Businessman found guilty of swindling Colombians of more than $2.4 billion in pyramid scheme

Colombian businessman guilty in pyramid scandal

BOGOTA — A Colombian businessman has been convicted in a notorious pyramid scheme that authorities say bilked investors out of more than $2.4 billion.

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Arturo Gatti’s body exhumed; Canadian authorities to do 2nd autopsy on boxer at family request

Gatti exhumed; Canadian authorities to do autopsy

MONTREAL — Boxer Arturo Gatti’s body has been exhumed, and the Quebec coroner’s office will perform a new autopsy at his family’s request.

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Michael Jackson’s personal physician was in deep financial trouble before he got hired

Jackson’s personal doctor was in financial trouble

LOS ANGELES — Dr. Conrad Murray was in dire financial shape when he signed on as Michael Jackson’s personal physician earlier this year at $150,000 a month.

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Brazil: Police detail how boxer Gatti committed suicide, why they first called it homicide

Police provide details on boxer Gatti’s death

RIO DE JANEIRO — Arturo Gatti hanged himself with a handbag strap from a staircase column more than seven feet off the ground, Brazilian police said Friday as they released new details about the boxer’s death.

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Money woes mounting, doc found in Jackson a chance for not just fame but a badly needed payday

Money-troubled doctor found lifeline in Jackson

LOS ANGELES — Dr. Conrad Murray needed a big payday when he became Michael Jackson’s personal physician last spring.

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Officials: Heroin busts show growing California problem

Officials: Heroin busts show California problem

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Recent large heroin seizures show a resurgence of the drug in California unseen since the early 1970s, law enforcement officials said Thursday.

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Boxer Gatti’s death is ruled a suicide, his wife is ordered released

Brazil police rule Gatti’s death suicide

RIO DE JANEIRO — Boxer Arturo Gatti’s death was ruled a suicide by police Thursday and his wife, once suspected of killing the former champion, was released from jail.

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Young Guantanamo Bay detainee faces return home to Afghanistan or criminal trial in the US

Angry judge considers fate of young Gitmo detainee

WASHINGTON — A judge who has grown impatient with the Obama administration’s handling of a young Guantanamo Bay detainee is preparing to decide whether he’ll go home to Afghanistan or to the United States for prosecution.

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Court records say starved children found in Dallas hotel bathroom were in a ‘living nightmare’

Court records: Children were in ‘living nightmare’

DALLAS — The hotel bathroom was a de facto prison cell — a cramped, foul space where three young children were starved, beaten and sexually assaulted for at least nine months.

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Lawyers for Gitmo prisoner ask judge for court appearance after gov’t failure to videotape

Gitmo detainee’s attorneys request US testimony

WASHINGTON — A Guantanamo Bay detainee’s attorneys want him brought to a U.S. courtroom to testify after government lawyers acknowledged they didn’t record his statements via videoconference as a judge ordered.

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