Critics ask why WHO hasn’t pursued generic Tamiflu to help poor countries fight swine flu

Critics: WHO slow on generics for swine flu

LONDON — As poor countries face a possible swine flu pandemic with only enough Tamiflu to treat a tiny fraction of their populations, some experts are calling for a simple but contentious solution: massive production of generics.

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Britain promises to remove DNA of innocent from database; critics say it’s not enough

Britain to remove some DNA profiles from database

LONDON — Britain bowed to a court ruling and promised Thursday to remove the DNA records of hundreds of thousands of innocent people from its vast national database of genetic information — but many will have to wait up to 12 years for their details to be deleted.

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Libya says Lockerbie bomber is prepared to drop his appeal if UK promises his return to Libya

Libya: Lockerbie bomber prepared to drop appeal

LONDON — The only person jailed over the 1988 Lockerbie bombing said he would drop his appeal against conviction — provided Britain allows him to serve the rest of sentence in Libya, a visiting Libyan official said Wednesday.

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Malaysia’s Weststar emerges as potential savior of UK van maker LDV

Weststar cast as savior of UK van maker LDV

LONDON — The British government has offered financial support for a proposed takeover of struggling British van maker LDV by Weststar of Malaysia to save it from bankruptcy.

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Cindy Crawford’s husband sued for sexual harassment

LONDON - A lawsuit has been filed against former supermodel Cindy Crawford’s restaurateur husband Rande Gerber for allegedly sexually harassing two of his former female employees.

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Former girlfriend testifies against man alleged to have killed 2 French students in London

Girlfriend testifies in UK case of 2 French killed

LONDON — The former girlfriend of a man accused of killing two French students in London last year testified Wednesday that he told her about the brutal crime a few hours after it happened.

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UK ratifies prisoner transfer deal with Libya, could have implications for Lockerbie case

UK, Libya ratify prisoner transfer deal

LONDON — Britain’s government ratified a prisoner transfer deal with Libya Wednesday that could allow the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing to serve out the remainder of his sentence in the North African country.

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3 men acquitted of helping bombers who killed 52 London commuters in July 2005

3 men acquitted of helping London bombers in 2005

LONDON — A British jury has cleared three men of charges that they helped suicide bombers who killed 52 people on London’s transit system in 2005.

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British troops tortured, killed Iraqi captives

LONDON - British troops tortured, killed and then mutilated 20 Iraqi captives held after a gun battle, the High Court was told.

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London taxi rapist jailed for at least 8 years for drugging and assaulting female passengers

UK: Taxi rapist jailed for at least 8 years

LONDON — The driver of one of London’s iconic black cabs was sentenced to at least eight years in prison Tuesday for an 18-month campaign of rape and assault against his female passengers.

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