GOP Senate hopeful from Arkansas quoted calling NY’s Schumer ‘that Jew’; apologizes

GOP Sen. hopeful heard calling Schumer ‘that Jew’

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Republican state lawmaker hoping for his party’s nod to run for Senate reportedly referred to Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer as “that Jew” during a recent appearance before a Republican group.

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As voting in Indian election ends, the backroom wrangling for power begins

As Indian election ends, scramble for power begins

NEW DELHI — India’s legion of political parties positioned themselves to form new alliances Thursday as preliminary exit polls from the national election indicated that no party won anything close to a majority in Parliament.

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INSIDE WASHINGTON: John Edwards probe: Another case of PACs as personal piggy banks?

INSIDE WASHINGTON: PACs as personal slush funds?

WASHINGTON — John Edwards’ mistress received $100,000 from his political action committee in an 18-week span in 2006, payments that raise this question: Can politicians use PACs as their own personal piggy banks?

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Actress testifies of her role in alleged fraud at federal trial of ex-Democratic fundraiser

Actress testifies at NY campaign corruption trial

NEW YORK — A television actress testified Wednesday about her real-life role in a campaign corruption scandal that has embarrassed some of the Democratic Party’s biggest names.

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Senate Democrats press for closing Gitmo prison but with detainees blocked from coming to US

Senate Democrats want Gitmo inmates kept out of US

WASHINGTON — New legislation by Senate Democrats would fund the closure of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but it would block the transfer of any of the detainees to the United States.

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Local business owners have to swallow credit card fees for now as Democrats shy from debate

Democrats shy from debate on interchange fees

WASHINGTON — Local business owners fed up with forking over a portion of their profits to credit card companies so customers can use Visa or MasterCard are unlikely to see legislative relief anytime soon.

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White House advises Democratic senators on selling health care legislation to public

White House advises senators on health care bill

WASHINGTON — Democratic senators are settling on affordability and choice as the selling points for their health care overhaul — instead of talking more about helping the uninsured.

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Senators say Obama indicated he will make Supreme Court pick soon; no candidate names revealed

Senators: Obama Supreme Court pick expected soon

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama plans to announce his Supreme Court choice soon but didn’t say who is being seriously considered, said senators who met with him Wednesday.

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Senators say Obama indicated he will make Supreme Court pick soon

Obama, leading senators discuss Supreme Court pick

WASHINGTON — Democratic senators say President Barack Obama plans to make his Supreme Court nomination soon.

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Hillary Clinton tape played at trial of ex-Democratic fundraiser accused of illegal donations

Hillary Clinton tape played for jury in NYC trial

NEW YORK — Prosecutors played a voicemail recording of Hillary Rodham Clinton praising a former top Democratic fundraiser on the opening day of a criminal trial Tuesday to show how he used his connection to powerful politicians to dupe investors in a $20 million fraud.

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