Sikand murder case: court acquits retired army official

NEW DELHI - Delhi High Court Friday acquitted retired army officer S.J. Choudhary, sentenced to life imprisonment last year in the 27-year-old parcel bomb killing of city-based businessman Krishan Sikand, due to lack of evidence.

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NY trustee: Philanthropy invested with Madoff should have known returns were fraudulent

NY trustee sues philanthropy in Madoff case

NEW YORK — The trustee overseeing the liquidation of Bernard Madoff’s assets has sued one of the nation’s leading educational philanthropies, even though the organization claims it was wiped out by the disgraced financier’s massive fraud.

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Witness says ex-soldier convicted in slaying unfit for combat zone, had poor stress treatment

Witness: Ex-soldier had PTSD, was unfit for combat

PADUCAH, Ky. — A former soldier who could be sentenced to death should have been removed from a combat zone known as the “Triangle of Death” three months before he raped and killed a teenage girl in Iraq, a psychiatrist testified Tuesday.

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Texas lawmakers reach deal to slash steroid testing but keep program for 2 more years

Texas lawmakers agree to slash steroid testing

AUSTIN, Texas — Lawmakers in Texas, home of the nation’s biggest steroid-testing program for high schoolers, said Tuesday that they have reached a deal to slash the program by more than half.

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Hate crime acquittal becomes Hispanic rallying cry, exposes problems in enforcing bias laws

Hate crime acquittal becomes Hispanic rallying cry

Teenagers, a small town and alcohol. Tension between whites and a growing Hispanic population. Ethnic slurs, punches and kicks. A dead illegal immigrant from Mexico.

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Witness says ex-soldier convictd in slayings had brain damage in area that controls impulses

Witness: Ex-soldier had impulse control issues

PADUCAH, Ky. — An ex-soldier who could be sentenced to death for raping and killing a teenage girl in Iraq has brain damage that can make it difficult to control impulses and process information in chaotic situations, a neurological expert testified Tuesday.

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Police get last laugh, arrest 3 pranksters for fake fire in dormitory at Central Connecticut

Conn. police don’t find humor in dorm fire prank

HARTFORD, Conn. — Officials at Central Connecticut State University don’t see the humor in this prank: burning bags of popcorn in a microwave in a crowded dorm in the middle of the night and tying some doors shut so residents think they’re trapped in a burning building.

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Quinnipiac athletics director testifies in federal lawsuit on elimination of women’s team

AD testifies in Quinnipiac Title IX lawsuit

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Quinnipiac University’s athletics director has testified that some coaches manipulated their rosters to meet gender equity goals.

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Experts say GM bankruptcy almost inevitable; too much work left with too little time

Experts say GM bankruptcy is almost inevitable

DETROIT — For General Motors Corp., the task at hand is so difficult that experts say a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is all but inevitable.

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As marshals seek girl missing with mother, case exposes physician-couple’s deep split

Search for girl reveals bitter family split

CONCORD, N.H. — Mark Nunes fondly remembers the last days he spent with his daughter Mary.

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